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Identifying candidates
Whether we decide to contact candidates directly, search via the media or use a combination of the two, we'll tailor our method to suit your individual search requirements so that we can quickly find a sufficient selection of interested, well-matched candidates. We also approach key players and specialists from the sectors relevant to the profile in order to gain further information about the market and about potential candidates. We use our own networks and databases for this sourcing process.

Evaluating candidates
Candidates are evaluated with regard to both their suitability and their motivation for the position. Based on our analyses of the documentation, structured interviews and other evaluation methods, we produce a sound diagnostic assessment of each candidate. In this work, we are assisted by our own extensive experience - we understand the requirements and are familiar with these professions.

Motivating candidates
The work involved in motivation actually begins long before our first contact with candidates. This is why we prefer to start supporting our Clients as early as the pre-recruiting stage. The recruitment project is solidly based on a careful analysis of the Client's needs; the right job and requirement profile will motivate good candidates to take on an interesting, challenging position. Informative documentation is an efficient way to advertise both the position on offer and the business itself.
The initial discussion with qualified candidates is used to inspire and confirm their interest. We use individually-prepared candidate dossiers and hold discussions in advance to prepare for the interview process with our Clients.

Optimum conditions
We create the optimum conditions for both our Clients and the candidates: Our Clients benefit from the support of a professional sparring partner, from the use of the best possible search methods (including those that they themselves are unable to access) and from the necessary discretion. They can simply concentrate on choosing the key candidates.
Our candidates, for their part, can obtain helpful information about the position in confidence and discuss their suitability and their interest with the consultant before deciding whether to apply formally and reveal their identity to the business.